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Cogito shoulders AI enterprises by deploying a proficient workforce for data annotation, content moderation and Training Data services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are the most widely used Interchangeable words creating confusion among many people globally.
Although, these three terminologies are typically used interchangeably, but they all are different from each other especially in terms of their applications, capabilities, and results.
Understanding the difference between AI, ML, and deep learning is important to utilize the precise applications of these jargons and take the right decision while dealing with AI, ML, or DL related projects. …

The retail industry is one of the largest sector contributing a major portion to the GDP of the economy. Now, this sector is driven by technology-enabled features to offer better products with an enjoyable shopping experience to customers.

Cogito Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry
Cogito Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry
Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry

Artificial Intelligence in retail is helping this sector to become more active and operate with more efficiency for a better response from the customers. Here we will discuss use of AI in retail industry and how AI in retail applies to various divisions with the best examples of AI models in retail.

Customers Sentiments Analysis

Customers at a retail shop or doing online shopping spend…

Artificial Intelligence in Media
Artificial Intelligence in Media
Artificial Intelligence in Media

The media and entertainment industry is also utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in making the visual content more interactive and interesting. It is helping to serve the audience a data-intensive and personalize automated content making their viewing experience more interesting and entertaining.

While on the other hand, the entertainment industry needs such innovative technology to make the audience experience more enjoyable and user-friendly. AI companies are also consistently working to integrate this technology into various sub-fields of the entertainment sector improving its efficiency.

AI Applications in Media and Entertainment

The application of AI in media and entertainment is witnessing rapid growth especially in terms…

Work flow Sentiment analysis

Understanding the sentiments of the people is not easy unless they express their feelings, opinions and perspective anything. But if you have such platforms where people are freely speaking up about their thoughts and concerns, you can easily find out their sentiments. Here where Cogito comes in the facility of sentiment analysis.

Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining the conceptions, judgments, feelings, opinions, viewpoints, conclusions, and other notions towards anything. …

In the age of AI, machines are getting trained to learn and perceive the environment just like humans to understand everything when exposed to similar things in real-life scenarios. And for computer vision- based AI models, data with labels or annotations can help the machines learn such things.

Image Annotation Service

There are different things visible in their natural environment and when we use machines to deal with various things, we must be aware of the specifications and other attributes of such things. …

Natural language processing machine learning

The language and voice based AI applications can be developed with the help of natural language processing (NLP) using machine learning or deep learning. NLP helps machines (mainly computer system) understand, analyze, manipulate, and potentially generate the human language or the communication usually done on specific topic.

Processing the language based data into machine learning or deep learning algorithms is not easier for the AI developers. In supervised machine learning the data should be labeled properly to make it usable for right predictions in the real-life.

Hence, the data is annotated precisely with language annotation with added metadata making the…

Machines can visualize different scenarios through computer vision technology that helps computer systems precisely locate and identify images and videos to get meaningful information from the real world. In AI, computer vision is playing a big role to train the visual perception based machine learning or deep learning models work in the real-life environment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting upgraded with high-quality training data that are used while developing the machine learning models. But all thanks to computer vision, which provides an artificial vision to machines to understand the scenario and take the right decisions. …

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is providing the innovative technology to develop various automated models, system, applications and machines for various fields. But few people take advantage of such technology and misuse for fun or to gain popularity or take revenge from others.

Deepfake is the invention of some wicked minded people who use AI to create the fake videos of celebrities and popular personalities. And, now it is mainly used in pornographic industry to show the face of popular actress on adult stars to gain the number of views on adults or malicious websites.

Though, Deep fake…

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in AI world providing the best platform to develop the language or voice based machine learning models. NLP helps the machine learning algorithms understand the verbal and written communication system between humans to make it comprehensible for machines.

And to make these verbal as well as written languages comprehensible to machines, NLP annotation is used in deep machine learning. The texts or audio languages are precisely annotated with metadata to highlight, define or elaborate the important words or you can say making easier to understand.

This process is also called Data Labeling for NLP. And there…

The groundbreaking applications of Artificial intelligence are attracting tech multinationals like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook to work on their future projects with more AI focused strategies. The AI effect is influencing the product road map of all such companies having the renowned AI-based applications that are launched at regular intervals in a year to automate their business operations with more promising results.

Computer Vision is an important development under AI that has been extensively explored and applied into various industries from outdated to innovative self-driving cars moving on roads without human intervention. …

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