Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are the most widely used Interchangeable words creating confusion among many people globally.
Although, these three terminologies are typically used interchangeably, but they all are different from each other especially in terms of their applications, capabilities, and results.
Understanding the difference between AI, ML, and deep learning is important to utilize the precise applications of these jargons and take the right decision while dealing with AI, ML, or DL related projects. …

Data Collection Cogito
Data Collection Cogito

Machine learning is influencing an extensive range of applications and sectors. But in order to produce a flawless machine learning model, data collection is crucial. It is a critical component of any modern invention; timely data collection from credible sources is important to maintain the invention’s essence and usability, but nowadays data collection is becoming one of the main bottlenecks in machine learning.

Data preparation, which typically includes data collection, analysis, visualization, and cleaning, consumes most of the time when building a machine learning model from start to finish. …

Cogito in Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic has sounded a considerable alarm in every sector, and no one is immune to its potential consequences. This pandemic has had a negative impact on every industry, whether small, medium, or independent. The employees who are working from home are mostly under-productive owing to a lack of motivation, mental issues or emotional disorders.

So, what exactly is the next step? Willingly letting the business go is not a viable option. There is, however, always a way out. We can solve the majority of issues by implementing modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). …

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Industry

The successful deployment of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry possesses the extraordinary potential to revolutionize the sector. According to a published study, the healthcare AI market can reach “28 billion dollars by the year 2025”. With such figures, we can expect that this new technology in the healthcare sector can drastically transform the industry.

Artificial Intelligence is a unique capability of a sophisticated computer program to perform specific tasks that typically require human intelligence. Bringing AI in healthcare can undoubtedly lead to better outcomes and meaningfully improve the productivity and efficiency of the healthcare industry. It will not merely…

What is Chatbot and how it Works?

With the evolution of digitalization, people are now well-connected with each other through various modes of communication on different devices like computers/laptops, smartphones, and other electronic equipment. Companies are also taking advantage of such digital platforms and developing more robotic customer service centers to help users and solve their queries as per their needs and feasibility with a quick response time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based business applications are now widely accepted at all types of AI-enabled devices and machines like smart devices, drones to self-service kiosks and self-driving vehicles, etc. …

Irrespective of the industry or sector, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a modern technology that is going deep and wide in the market. Not only in businesses but this innovative technology is typically used in everyday life.

Effective communication is much more than speech or text. It is about the proper context, body language, intent to decipher the precise meaning and much more. And when a machine grasps these nuances and performs accordingly, then it can generate a significant impact on human beings.

But, before going further on how NLP is used in everyday lives, let’s understand the standard definition…

Machines can visualize different scenarios through computer vision technology that helps computer systems to precisely locate and identify images and videos, thereby providing meaningful information from the real world. In AI, Computer Vision is playing a big role in training visual perception-based Machine Learning or deep learning models to work in a real-life environment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting upgraded with high-quality training data that are used while developing the machine learning models. All thanks to Computer Vision, which provides an artificial vision to machines, to understand the scenario and take the right decisions. …

Document-based information is useful for any business process. In today’s times, businesses have to deal with the plethora of documents across various business units and to maintain and manage those documents, organizations spend huge amount of money and manpower which increases the overall cost and sometimes also result in unwanted errors.

Processing the documents and extracting the correct information is still an uphill task for several businesses because of the type of data that has to be processed by humans. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into the picture. The AI-enabled solutions can easily extract and process the data…

Significance of Training Data in Agricultural Sector
Significance of Training Data in Agricultural Sector
Significance of Training Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become key drivers for the fourth industrial revolution as their impact is spanning across industries. From robots to self-driving cars, from conversational personal assistants to monitoring virtual exams, AI and ML have changed how businesses and daily lives operate.

We are in the middle of a fast-changing data-driven world, and AI & ML enables us to learn from this data and make smarter decisions. AI lets an organization unlock the potential of data and respond to changes in the market faster.

Impact of AI and ML in Agricultural Sector

By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), companies and…

Content Moderation means the moderation of the user-generated content which is getting published on various online platforms. The term moderation means to screen, filter or alter the content of an online platform as per the platform’s specific rules, requirement and guidelines. In simpler words, it is the process in which an organization monitors which content to allow and which one to take down from their online platform.

Content Moderation basically consists of well-defined policy guidelines and is done by Content Moderators.

The users generally post tons of content on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Even on the…

Cogito Tech LLC

Cogito shoulders AI enterprises by deploying a proficient workforce for data annotation, content moderation and Training Data services.

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