Cogito : Content Moderator Roles and Responsibilities

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A content moderator is responsible for user-generated content submitted to an online platform by Cogito professionals with machine learning intelligence. Cogito in mind understanding client policies and guidelines, and making decisions based on them. Maintain the reputation of your business ·

Protect your brand and reputation

Improve your site traffic and search engine rankings

Help you gain insights about your users

Protect your community for spam, troll and explicit content

Scale your marketing campaigns rapidly.

User-generated contents (UGC) are now highly visible through internet on various online platforms. Social media is the prime source where you can find huge amount of contents discussing about your product, company or brand with mix kind of opinions.

Nowadays consumers find these UGC a best source get the feedback about a company or a product and anything, more than 50% consumers are considering it trustworthy and taking their decisions before choosing the product or opting the service affecting your business indirectly.

These bad comments and spam contents affecting your business that can be controlled by content moderation service allowing moderators to regulate and publish high volume UGC favorably helping to protect the reputation of the company by solving their queries.

Content moderation is the only best way that will help you control the contents like internet trolling, cyber bullying, off topic comments, spam, bad reviews, negative feedback and inappropriate contents. When you hire a content moderator or outsource the content moderation service, these professionals keep an eye on such contents and monitor each and every activity of the users generating such contents. It helps to control the spam contents and generate a positive sentiment among the people maintaining the brand image of the company.

While posting contents on social media like videos, images, comments, blogs, forums and other posts, there is always risk by users generated contents to react on such posts and give negative comments resulting affect your brand image and reputation of the company. Other visitors watching such bad contends also perceive a negative service towards your company also badly impacting your business and its growth in the long-term.

If you cannot afford to appoint a full-time content moderator, you can outsource this task to Content Moderation Companies providing social media content moderation service to regulate the online contents in the favor of Cogito Company helping the businesses to work with better brand image and reputation in the marketplace.

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