Do any companies offer artificial intelligence as-a-service (AIaaS)?

There are many companies offering artificial intelligence as-a-service to other companies looking to develop IA-based models or business applications. Apart from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and IBM, there are many companies offering the software or platform to work on AI-supported machines and technologies to implement in different industries.

These leading tech giants use the best tools with high-quality data sets used with right algorithm to make the application work in responsive manner. Users just need to implement these AI software and they can feed large amount of quality data to make the machine learning models work without showing any error giving the most satisfying response during the use.

Using the artificial intelligence training algorithms or tools is not important unless you have quality training data-sets to develop a feasible model that can work it and give the accurate results. Companies looking to work aggressively into AI fields can use the tools or platforms of these well-known companies into their business models to make it usable for end-users.

Whatsoever the AI projects are needs a quality training data sets and Cogito Tech like companies are offering the machine learning data sets to work on such models and make the workable solution for users while improving the performance of AI-enabled machines and applications integrated into the software or computer systems.

Cogito one of the best data annotation/Labeling companies that offers one-stop solution for machine learning training data. more-

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