How Machine Learning is Helping AI in Building Automation?

Machine learning actually used to create the automated systems that can work itself without human interference. However, the AI-based machines also works automatically and machine learning is an integral part of AI helping engineers to develop automated models.

Over the past years machine learning process has helps AI developers to create many applications for different industries to work with automated system and serve their customers in more efficient and faster ways. The few of examples are automated email response, customer support through chatbots, virtual assistant devices, sentiment analysis, online search relevance and other repetitive tasks that can work itself while learning the behavior of users.

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Chatbot and Virtual Assistant Services

Using the right amount and quality of training data sets with machine learning algorithms such as virtual customer assistant applications or devices has been created with amazing response. Chatbots can assist customers virtually in solving their queries through various devices, while virtual assistant devices trained with machine learning technology can answer the questions of people for their daily life, like telling the weather conditions, news, events and meeting schedule etc. And the virtual assistant is now integrated into smartphones giving the interesting results.

NLP Services and Sentiment Analysis

Machine learning is also very useful for machines to learn the processing of natural language spoken by humans in their daily life. Annotated languages are used to fed in machine learning algorithms that helps a ML model understand the speech of humans and understand their sentiments to give the accurate answer help them interact with machines. Machine learning is the process that helps to understand the sentiments of people through automated systems.

Search Relevance for Online Services

Search relevance is the another technology works on the machine learning basis. Actually, when you search certain types of things on internet you will get the results as per your query containing certain keywords like size, color, price or brands that comes through machine learning algorithms. Similarly, while doing online shopping you can find similar items on search engines or ecommerce sites that suggest you because the search engines has learn from machine learning process to show you such contents as per your searching behavior.

Disease Diagnosis and Healthcare

Healthcare is another field, Machine learning has automated various process helping doctors provide more expedient medical facilities to patients with better results. AI-based models learn through medical imaging like X-Rays, MRI and CT Scans to detect the various types of diseases and help doctors provide the timely treatments to patients. It is also providing the ML-based virtual assistant services to patients to monitor their health or suggest the right diets or medicines as per their past diagnosis and treatment processes given the positive results.

Further with the more improvement in machine learning process through right and more qualitative training data to develop the such models and provide the more automated machines and applications with better results. Cogito is one the well-known companies providing machine learning training data with best quality and accuracy. It is also involved in image annotation services to annotate data for AI and machine learning model trainings.


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