How to Transcribe Video File to Text

Cogito offers Video transcription service companies and business organizations looking to convert the audiovisual files into audio or text formats. Using the special tools and techniques, Cogito is moving ahead with more cutting-edge technology to convert the video contents into other readable formats while ensuring the originality and accuracy of the content at best level.

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It can transcribe any type of video file into any kind of readable format as per the customize needs of different types of customers. Cogito is providing a fully reliable and confidential transcription service with turnaround time and scalable solution for different industries.

Top Industries and Fields Cogito Offers Video Transcription Service

  • Short Commercials and Video Clips
  • Movies and Music videos
  • Motion pictures and Interviews
  • Shooting scripts and Academic videos
  • Meetings, Seminars and Conference proceedings
  • Legal material and Police interview videos
  • General recordings and Surveillance recordings
  • Television series and Reality Shows
  • Corporate training videos and Documentaries

Cogito provides video transcription services with dedicated team of transcription experts for each project using the high-end technology and techniques. It is transcribing with guarantee and highest level of accuracy to deliver a world-class video transcription services at low cost. Cogito has worked for well-known brands and having the track record of timely delivery of projects as per the customize needs and affordability of different types of customers.


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