Is NLP Part of Deep Learning?

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NLP abbreviated to Natural Language Processing is used in machine learning, deep learning and AI-based model training to make machines learn and understand the human language and respond to their questions asked casually through voice or speech based commands.

Intelligibly, saying NLP is not deep learning, instead its is kind of linguistic communication for system used in Deep Learning to train the machines interpret the language spoken by the human beings during the conversation.

NLP when used in deep learning, a huge amount of training data is required that contains different types of responses to a specific or similar questions, as much as data is used in NLP with deep learning the accuracy of model improves.

And to use the NLP with deep learning NLP annotation services is required to label or highlight the important keywords with metadata or tags to recognize the important phrases used in the sentence while answering to a question. And acquiring the annotated NLP data is also a challenging task for AI developers using deep learning to develop NLP-based models.

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