Top 5 Common Myths about Machine Learning

Machine learning technology is now rapidly making the space in various fields, and during the evolution of this technology many people have different assumptions towards machine learning. And many people have developed various myths about the machine learning and out of which many are not true or have different approach in real-life.

If we define, machine learning is the technology related with artificial intelligence used to train with data set and make an AI model, business application, software and machines that can perform itself while learning the interactive patterns of the opponents to behave accordingly. And in respect of this definition and to clear the various myths which very much popular amid the people we have Most Common Myths about Machine Learning listed the points below here.

Top Five Myths About Machine Learning:

1. Machine learning works without human intervention

2. Machine learning completely removes human bias

3. Machine learning performs task on real-time basis

4. Machine learning can be applied to perform any task

5. Only highly skilled data scientists can use machine learning

Apart from these popular myths about machine learning there are many more which can be included to understand about the mechanism of this technology. However, these are the only points and if you want to clearly understand about these myths above mentioned just visit the blog page shared by Cogito Tech that is involved in training data set for Machine learning as a service and data collection with categorization and enrichment services for AI based services.

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