Image Annotation Companies for Computer Vision ?

To train the computers learn a certain types of patterns, different types of dimensions or shapes and attributes, images are used with proper annotation that can be done with the help of a software to outline the entire object making it visible to machines or computer vision.

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You can find various types of online platform and software to annotate different types of images in different annotation formats. But it is quite difficult to find the right and best platform for image annotation, so be brought the list of best software or online platform for computer vision.


Launched in 2018, Labelbox is one of the most widely used online platform for image annotation. Equipped with best possibility to integrate the human and machine consensus at the same place helping AI developers to build the right model.

Since, its launched, LabelBox has constantly updating and improving the functionalities and other features. It is available freely for community edition up to 5K images and enterprise version. It cam best platform for small or medium size companies looking for free tools.

LabelBox provides a comprehensive online platform to annotate the images in different formats lines, points, boxes and polygons or semantic segmentation with various innovative features. Annotators can monitor performance including the statistics on second needed to label various types of images. The interface of LabelBox is very user-friendly and supported to computers.

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It is another best web-based platform offering the innovative annotation interface which available for self-hosted infrastructure for training the models and improving the interaction with humans or you can say annotates using this for image annotation service.

It is integrated with wide-ranging tools like lines, polygons, including dots and bitmap brush which is used in semantic segmentation annotation. This is also providing the option to add image and objects tags with figures ordering in layers. It is supporting various types of images formats with option to transform the data directly on the platform.

It is offering tons of options for managing the datasets with the option to add users allowing them the grangular permissions or monitoring the performance through statistics. Annotators can do the precise work with various shortcut keys. The disappointing factor is quite frustrating as it is taking extra time while switching between images and record annotations.


It is an open-source tool just like other online tool and offers a great platform to perfrom straightforward tasks without project management. It is also offering various tools and functions to annotate all types of images in different formatting like lines, dots, circles and ellipses etc. Annotators using VGG Image Annotator can add objects and images attributes or tag them.

This application is very lightweight to use and comes with various short-cuts For polygon annotation it is one of the best suitable software allowing to see the line of the polygon and not nothing else. It is also available free and providing compatible with leading operating systems and computer providing the world-class annotation service.


Labellmg is another open-source image annotation comes with pre-built binaries for windows based computers to extremely easy to install. It is also available for free comes with various innovative functions but suitable for bounding boxes as there is another version available to optimize for one-class tagging.

It is basically for project management, as it comes with virtually project management properties allowing the users to easily import and visualize annotations with options to correct them as per the needs. It interface is also quite user-friendly making the annotation process easier and faster with quality and accuracy at best level.

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Apart from these, there are many other freely available software or online platform like Diffgram, RectLabel , DataTurks , you can choose for image annotation. But with free service you cannot get quality results and you have to either buy the premium or paid service to get access of more functions and perform the highly critical annotation tasks with best accuracy.

And there are many live image annotation companies also providing this service with human-powered annotation systems. Cogito is one of them providing the high-quality image annotation service using the multiple types of software and paid tools to annotate the images for AI and machine learning model developments. It is involved in data collection, classification and image annotation or data labeling for various industries while ensuring the best quality.

Cogito one of the best data annotation/Labeling companies that offers one-stop solution for machine learning training data. more-

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