Image Annotation Companies for Computer Vision ?

To train the computers learn a certain types of patterns, different types of dimensions or shapes and attributes, images are used with proper annotation that can be done with the help of a software to outline the entire object making it visible to machines or computer vision.

Image Annotation


Launched in 2018, Labelbox is one of the most widely used online platform for image annotation. Equipped with best possibility to integrate the human and machine consensus at the same place helping AI developers to build the right model.


It is another best web-based platform offering the innovative annotation interface which available for self-hosted infrastructure for training the models and improving the interaction with humans or you can say annotates using this for image annotation service.


It is an open-source tool just like other online tool and offers a great platform to perfrom straightforward tasks without project management. It is also offering various tools and functions to annotate all types of images in different formatting like lines, dots, circles and ellipses etc. Annotators using VGG Image Annotator can add objects and images attributes or tag them.


Labellmg is another open-source image annotation comes with pre-built binaries for windows based computers to extremely easy to install. It is also available for free comes with various innovative functions but suitable for bounding boxes as there is another version available to optimize for one-class tagging.

Cogito shoulders AI enterprises by deploying a proficient workforce for data annotation, content moderation and Training Data services.