What are the Content Moderation Industry Trends and Moderation Policy?

Content moderation industry is become more prevalent with expansion of more social networking sites that are allowing users to freely post anything as per their wish. Freedoms to say anything and post any kind of content encourage few bad people start doing the spam or post the offensive contents.

Hence, controlling such wanted contents is more important to keep the normal users stay connected with the community, forum or social networking sites. Top content moderation industry is also growing with the number spam content posting surging day-by-day.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other popular platforms are getting the huge volume of content updated every second. Screening of such contents is very necessary to make the platforms clean and apposite for all age group of users can enjoy the spam-free contents.

Content Moderation Industry & Market Size

As per the latest reports, the global content moderation market is more than US$ 5 billion. Further the content moderation solutions market is expected to reach a value of about US$ 11.8 Billion by the end of 2027 to take a big leap in the coming years, as a new role is emerging for AI in content moderation.

But an alarming surge in the attrition rates in content moderation solution companies has triggered the potential for AI technologies to utilize the human resources in the content moderation industry. The industry is likely to grow, as more moderation categories are discovered where unwanted contents are posted disturbing the online community.

Content Moderation Trends and New Opportunities

Apart from common posting the new trends of putting comments, images, and videos on social media platforms, especially among the youth generation have been instrumental in providing huge growth opportunities to the global content moderation solutions market during the expected period.

With the time being, Content moderation trends are changing as there is an exponential increase of inappropriate online content like, spam, disturbing videos, dangerous hoaxes, political propaganda , violence, and other extreme content, central governments started regulating and creating more strict policies to regulate social networking, video, and e-commerce sites.

Resulting, social media networking companies are facing mounting legislative pressures to keep moderating such contents generated on their platforms.

Content Moderation Policy and Regulations

User-generated contents contains the different types of material buy there is universal content moderation policy to moderate or control the different types of contents. Hate speech, violence, nudity, terrorism, and other banned content are most common types of contents are not publically accepted by our society; hence mostly these contents are moderated by the online communities.

As we know Facebook is the leading online social networking platform where large population of the world keep posting on regularly. So, we will discuss about the Facebook content moderation policy and what are types of contents are moderated under this policy.


Violence and Crime Related Contents

Under violence and crime related content moderation, killing threat, beating, weapon shooting, explosive, terrorism activities, brutality and other hated acts or law-breaking actions are moderated. And any kind of group, people or organization support such acts or groups are also comes into moderation category, that are closely monitored by the content moderators.

Objectionable or Offensive Contents

This section under Facebook Content Moderation Policy mostly covers graphic violence, hate speech, nudity and sexual activity, and “cruel or insensitive” contents. However, this section on hate speech bans attacks on protected classes, as well as extending protections on immigration status based.

Facebook further categorized attacks into three levels of severity and also offers exemptions for people who use such banned words in a self-referential manner or as a form of empowerment.

Safety and Privacy of the Users

Self-harm, sexual exploitation, bullying, suicide and harassment and privacy violations all comes under the safety category. When someone or a group attacks individuals while appearing to be first person but actually posted by a different individual than the person referenced are forbidden.

To ensure the safety and privacy of the users, Facebook content moderation policy has in-house moderators or assign this task to content moderation outsourcing company. These companies have team of dedicated team of experienced moderators to monitor and moderate such contents.

Integrity and Authenticity of Contents

Fake news, misrepresentation, spam and memorialization all comes under this policy. Yes, under this section, Facebook have to keep an eye on more than individual content, but also the suspicions accounts like fake names, ages and accounts created with the motive of misleading the people.

However, only fake news is the section where Facebook take action and reduce the distribution of a flagged post, instead of removing the same permanently. In such situations, it becomes social dilemma to flag the content or remove from the platform or not.

Other Content Related Requests

Apart from above restrictions, Facebook content moderation policy also covers the contents removal, exclusively requested by the users especially for minors. The request by the central governments for removing the content containing child abuse imagery, or contents posted accidently by the minors etc.

Being a leading publisher of user-generated contents, Facebook follows the different strategies and techniques while moderating the contents. The combination of Artificial intelligence and user reports are used to identify content violating the content publishing policy.

The contents posted on Facebook and other similar platforms are endlessly diverse, and for every specifically defined guideline, even the ones that appears strangely, there are reviewed by the humans to make the final judgment for making the content live on the platform.

Social media content moderation works on Facebook other social media platforms. And other online websites or portals like forums, communities also follow similar moderation policy to keep control on contents posted across the platforms.

However, depending on the platform and their content categories or types of users, the moderation techniques and levels are different. But main motive is to keep control on the spam contents and provide end-users a clean and spam-free platform.

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